Sinar Utama Grounding

Earthing Rod And Accesories

SINAR UTAMA GROUNDING Is a specialist distributor of Ground Rod products. We provide all Ground Rod products with a variety of brands both with Import quality and with Local quality. Among the brands of Ground Rod products include: ERICO Ground Rod, Ground Rod Furse, Ground Rod Kumwell, AXIS Ground Rod, Ground Rod Sutrado and Ground Rod Local (Tegal). These Ground Rod Materials include;1. Ground Rod Copper Layer - Local2. Ground Rod Copper Layer - Import3. Ground Rod Erico | Ground Rod Eritech4. Ground Rod Kumwell5. Ground Rod Axis6. Ground Rod Full Copper7. Stainless Steel Ground Rod8. Rod Coupling9. Driving Head10. Drilling HeadFor more information about the Grounding System material, please contact us:SINAR UTAMA GROUNDINGOffice:Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49 C, Utan Kayu Utara - MatramanEast Jakarta - Indonesia 13120Tel. 021-21381900 | 29827728Fax. 021-85909641Email: TATANG T. | SISWANTOMobile: 0813 1010 5021 | 0858 8899 3277
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