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SINAR UTAMA GROUNDING Is a specialist distributor of Exothermic Welding or Cadweld products. We provide all Exothermic Welding Material products and accessories with a variety of brands both Import quality and Local quality. Exothermic Welding functions as a connection tool with the process burned (in Las). Exothermic Welding can connect between: Cable to Ground Rod, Cable to Bus Bar, Bus Bar to Bus Bar, Cable To Steel Structure, Cable to Rebar, Cable to Pipe, Cable to Tank and so on. Sinar Utama Grounding sells Exothermic Welding or cadwelding materials with the following details:1. Graphite Mold - Molding2. Handle Clamp3. Gunpowder - Catridge Powder4. Flint Gun - Ignitors5. Exothermic Welding AccessoriesFor more information about the Grounding System material, please contact us:SINAR UTAMA GROUNDINGOffice:Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49 C, Utan Kayu Utara - MatramanEast Jakarta - Indonesia 13120Tel. 021-21381900 | 29827728Fax. 021-85909641Email: TATANG T. | SISWANTOMobile: 0813 1010 5021 | 0858 8899 3277
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