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Power Cable

SINAR UTAMA GROUNDING Is a specialist distributor of material for Power Cable & Electric Cable. We provide all products Power Cables and Power Cables with various brands, types and sizes including: Suprime Cable, Metal Cable, Kabelindo, Voksel Cable, Ethernet Cable, Extrana Cable, Sutrado Cable and others with the following types:1. Power Cable:2. NYY cable 1 Core, 2 Core, 3 Core & 4 Core3. NYFGBY cable4. N2XY cable5. XLPE cable6. Data cable7. Instrument CableFor more information about the Grounding System material, please contact us:SINAR UTAMA GROUNDINGOffice:Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49 C, Utan Kayu Utara - MatramanEast Jakarta - Indonesia 13120Tel. 021-21381900 | 29827728Fax. 021-85909641Email: TATANG T. | SISWANTOMobile: 0813 1010 5021 | 0858 8899 3277
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