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SINAR UTAMA GROUNDING Is a specialist distributor of Non Radioactive Electrostatic Lightning Protection Products. Non Radioactive Electrostatic Lightning Rods function as receivers of lightning current surges which are then channeled through the down conductor to be forwarded into the ground (earth). Non Radioactive Electrostatic Lightning Protection is like picking up the ball, the lightning rod can protect certain areas depending on the type and type of lightning rod itself. Sinar Utama Grounding sells electro static lightning rods with a variety of brands, types and radius of protection including:1. KURN Lightning Rod2. KURN Indonesia Lightning Protection3. Gent Lightning Protection4. Thomas Lightning Protection5. Flash Vectron Lightning Protection6. Blue Curret Lightning Protection7. Current Lightning Protection8. Evo Franklin (EF) Lightning Protection9. VIKING Lightning Protection10. Zeus Lightning Rod11. Neo Flash Lightning Protection12. Orion Lightning Protection13. Prevectron Lightning Protection14. Erico Lightning Protection15. LPI Guardian Lightning Protection16. LPI Stormaster Lightning Protection17. EF Lightning Protectionand so forth.For more information about the Grounding System material, please contact us:SINAR UTAMA GROUNDINGOffice:Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49 C, Utan Kayu Utara - MatramanEast Jakarta - Indonesia 13120Tel. 021-21381900 | 29827728Fax. 021-85909641Email: TATANG T. | SISWANTOMobile: 0813 1010 5021 | 0858 8899 3277
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