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  • Instalasi Penangkal Petir Gedung
  • Instalasi Penangkal Petir Gedung
  • Instalasi Penangkal Petir Gedung

Services Description Lightning Protection Building Installation

PT. SINAR UTAMA GROUNDING Is a Mechanical and Electrical Contractor specializing of Grounding System, Lightning Protection, Exothermic Welding and Cathodic Protection. Our company has qualified human resources who are supported by experienced and certified experts, there has been a lot of planning in the industrial sector under the management of PT. Sinar Utama Grounding that we have handled includes system grounding work, lightning protection, Exothermic Welding & Cathodic Protection at Power Plants, Buildings, Railroads, Factories and other Infrastructure.

Providing protection solutions against the dangers caused by direct lightning current strikes (external lightning protection) or internal lightning current strikes (internal lightning protection) which can provide protection against assets, building objects, structures that are very valuable especially for living things with maximum protection and provide the best, quality and reliability.

Assisting development by realizing the work of the nation's children in the form of protection of building structures, protected Objects and protection of very valuable assets and the best in all parts of Indonesia and making our company a trusted company and a specialist in the field of Grounding System, Lightning Protection System, Exothermic Welding, Cathodic Protection and Electrical Materials.

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Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49 C, Utan Kayu Utara
Matraman, East Jakarta

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