Sinar Utama Grounding

PT. Sinar Utama Grounding is a distributor of Grounding Systems and a distributor of Lightning Protection. Our company sells all Grounding System products and Lightning Protection Products with the following details: 1. Grounding System Products: A. Copper Ground Rod, Copper Clad Steel, Stainless Steel Ground Rod B. Ground Rod Clamp C. Earthing Clamp, Parallel Earth Clamp, Cable Clamp, Ground Rod Conector, C Cable Compression D. Spark Gap, Transient Earth Clamp (Tec 100 Lpi), Potential Equization Clamp (Pec 100 Erico) E. Cement Grounding Bentonite, Ground Enhacement Material (Gem Erico), San Earth Sankosha, Grip 10 Lpi F. Earthing Pit (Inspection Pit), Bak Kontrok Grounding G. Potentioal Earth Bar (PEB), Busbar Grounding Terminal H. Grounding Cables, Lightning Protection Cables 2. Lightning Protection Products A. No Radioactive Electrostatic Lightning Protection (Radius Lightning Protection) B. Conventional Lightning Protection (Splitzen Spear Lightning Protection) C. Lightning Protection Coaxial Cable D. Lightning Protection Junction Box (Lightning protection test box) E. Lightning Strike Counter, Lightning Event Counter Erico (Lec Erico), Lightning Strike Recorder (Lsr Lpi) F. Cable support clamps, DC Tape Clamp, Saddle Clamp G. Copper Tape, Aluminum Tape 3.Exothermic Welding Products (Cadweld Products) A. Graphite Molding (Cadweld Mold) B. Extothermic Powder (Gunpowder) C. Handle Clamp (Molding Pliers) D. Flint Ignitors (Molding Lighters) E. Mold Brush, Cable Brush, Gas Torch 5. Grounding Installation Services PT. Sinar Utama Grounding is a specialist grounding system installation contractor. Our company has worked a lot with EPC contractors in terms of system grounding installation, system grounding installation work that we have handled a lot, including: A. Power Plant Grounding Installation B. Factory Grounding Installation - Factory C. Building Grounding Installation D. Telecommunication Grounding Tower (BTS) Installation E. Rail Grounding Installation 6. Lightning Protection Installation Services PT. Sinar Utama Grounding is a specialist contractor for Lightning Protection installations. Our company has collaborated a lot with EPC contractors in terms of Lightning Protection installations, lightning rod installation work that we have handled, including: A. Installation of Power Plant Lightning Protection B. Lightning Protection Installation Factories - Factories C. Installation of Building Lightning Protection D. Telecommunication Tower Lightning Protection Installation (BTS) FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT PROCUREMENT OF GOODS AND SERVICES PLEASE CONTACT US. TATANG T | SISWANTO PT. SINAR UTAMA GROUNDING Office : Jl. Utan Kayu Raya No. 49 C, Matraman - Jakarta Timur Indonesia 13210 Telp. + 62 21 21381900, 29827728 Fax. + 62 21 85909641 Mobile : 0813 1010 5021 Email : [email protected] | [email protected]
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